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Disc Brake Repair

disc brake repair

Disc brakes are a common type of braking system used in modern vehicles. They consist of a brake rotor, brake caliper, and brake pads. At Autolab in Englewood, we offer professional disc brake repair services to ensure your vehicle’s braking system operates effectively and safely.

Signs of Disc Brake Issues

There are several signs that indicate your disc brakes may require repair or maintenance. One common sign is a squealing or squeaking noise coming from the brakes when you apply pressure to the pedal. This noise is typically caused by worn brake pads, which need to be replaced to restore proper braking performance. Another sign is a vibrating or pulsating sensation felt through the brake pedal when braking. This can be an indication of a warped or uneven brake rotor that requires resurfacing or replacement.

Disc Brake Pad Replacement

One of the most common disc brake repairs is the replacement of brake pads. Brake pads are designed to wear down over time as they make contact with the brake rotor, providing the necessary friction to slow down and stop the vehicle. As the brake pads wear, their effectiveness diminishes, and they need to be replaced to maintain optimal braking performance.

During a disc brake pad replacement, our skilled technicians will remove the worn brake pads and install new ones that meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications. We use high-quality brake pads that provide excellent stopping power and durability. Additionally, we inspect the brake rotors for any signs of damage or wear and recommend resurfacing or replacement if necessary.

Disc Brake Rotor Resurfacing and Replacement

Over time, brake rotors can develop an uneven surface due to constant contact with the brake pads. This uneven surface can lead to vibrations, pulsations, or reduced braking performance. In such cases, our technicians can perform rotor resurfacing, also known as brake rotor turning. This process involves removing a small amount of material from the rotor’s surface to restore its smooth and even finish.

In cases where the brake rotors are severely worn, damaged, or beyond resurfacing limits, we will recommend their replacement. We use high-quality replacement brake rotors that meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure proper fitment and reliable braking performance.

Our Disc Brake Repair Services

At Autolab, we have the expertise and equipment to diagnose and repair various disc brake issues. Whether it’s brake pad replacement, rotor resurfacing, or rotor replacement, our skilled technicians will provide thorough and efficient disc brake repairs. We use quality parts and follow industry best practices to ensure your vehicle’s braking system operates safely and effectively.

Disc Brake Repair Near Me

If you notice any signs of disc brake problems, such as unusual noises, vibrations, or reduced braking performance, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle to Autolab in Englewood for a comprehensive inspection and disc brake repair. Our experienced technicians will address any issues promptly and get you back on the road with a reliable and properly functioning braking system.

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